We help Fortune 500 companies, Government, and SMBs reach their business objectives by providing uniquely qualified IT talent when and where they're needed the most.

Since our inception, Greensboro Staffing Consultants has focused on one thing: Aligning great opportunities with even greater people, consistently.  In the process, we've built lasting relationships with clients, candidates, and strategic partners by delivering on our commitments to community, unparalleled quality, and simplicity.

Here's how we've done it:

  • Built a customer-centric model supported by dedicated Staffing Consultants.

  • Developed a referral-based sourcing strategy for domain specific recruiting.

  • Provided 24/7 availability for quicker turnaround.

  • Implemented robust candidate alignment & vetting processes.

  • Engaged local, untapped talent pools.

  • Provided support for diversity spend objectives.

  • Offered seamless integration with internal processes & MSP/VMS models.

  • Demonstrated employer brand ambassadorship throughout the recruiting process.


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