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Complete your next high-profile construction project safely and on time with GSC's flexible construction staffing solutions. Greensboro Staffing Consultants is a HUB-certified MBE that serves as "Mission Partners" for general and subcontractors engaged in public-sector construction projects. From your bid proposal to project closeout, we are dedicated to providing the expertise needed to deliver the most value for you and your clients.


Construction labor RECRUITING PROCESS

Greensboro Staffing Consultants combines years of construction industry and talent-evaluation experience with best-in-class recruiting technology to identify rich sources of talent. We find and attract established and promising construction workers that other agencies overlook – from local colleges and trade schools to recently retired craftspeople, to your competitors’ employees looking for new opportunities. We not only attract, vet, and onboard temporary workers, we also educate them on your company, establishing your firm as a preferred workplace for independent, part-time, and limited-engagement workers.

  • Identify the Project Scope: Once we receive your staffing request, a GSC construction recruitment team member will meet with your construction manager or designated representative, so we fully understand the project, the skilled trades we need to fill, and the specific requirements of the staffing request.

  • Targeted Job Distribution: Our team creates a detailed job description that will serve as query parameters we will use to filter our vast applicant tracking system (ATS). In addition to highlighting these known candidates, we will target active candidates through postings to appropriate job boards frequented by the construction workers we want to attract. Finally, we will attract passive candidates by distributing the job requirements among our relationships with trade referral and trade-specific networks.

  • Candidate Engagement: As a true end-to-end managed service provider, GSC conducts rigorous vetting of candidates’ experience, references, skill levels, and suitability for your organization. In addition to drug screenings and background checks, we conduct in-depth, behavioral-based interviews to help us rank applicants’ integrity and work ethic. We provide specialized and/or client-specific training and assessments you may require.

  • On-boarding & Support: GSC handles all the paperwork and worker management to assure full compliance with labor and tax regulations compliance. We will coordinate onboarding and ensure your well-qualified worker(s) will be prepared and eager to contribute from day one. We are always available to support you and your new team members throughout the project.

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