Changing Role of HR & Procurement, Bridging the Gap between HR & Procurement

To strategize and efficiently manage the intricate resource of human capital, infusing HR and procurement professionals has been a significant cost-saver for many organizations. Reason To Form A Relationship: The procurement department no more falls under the traditional functioning. Its evolution to a strategic sourcing organizations makes it possible to work more positively with the HR. Procurement deals with operations and as well as highly complex purchases, usually relating to services and specialty items. This cultivating trend can only see a boom in the future. While HR uses Procurement as its intermediary for all its purchases, the relationship between the two has yet another reason to foster. Relationship Evolution: The HR executives and procurement professionals have grown very familiar with each other's worlds. Having understood the significance of the collaboration between the two, they both have started to accept the presence of each other. HR is willing to bring its procurement ideas to the table, and Procurement has agreed to show its use in the HR department as well. Toiling to add value to each other's work, their relationship needs to see the dawn of respect, value, and unity. Some solutions can bridge the gap between the two. 1. Healthy Engagement: Both of the professionals should understand that they are working towards the same goal. They should come to the table to engage in productive discussions and value each other's opinions. Instead of trying to dominate one another, work with mutual understanding and respect. Healthy talks will lead to a positive result for the organization. 2. Understand Each Other's Terms: Working in an environment where everyone belongs to the same field may lead you to speak your language with specific terms that your peers understand, but might be entirely new for an outsider. Try to speak the common language and use terminologies that all of you can understand. Cooperate to make things easier for one another and avoid jargon. 3. Be Open To Other Ideas: While working together, they should be aware that the other is not here to take over your team. The procurement team should be guiding the other side according to the principles instead of dominating. Similarly, the HR team should understand that the Procurement team's agenda is not any different than theirs, and after all, they are all working on the same objective. They should be open to each other's ideas and respect the knowledge, skills, and experience both teams have to offer individually. 4. Consistency in vendor relationships: Merging of the HR and Procurement teams also eliminates the concept of multiple vendors. Having a single vendor result in cost efficiency and also provides a platform for the vendor to expect a particular working relationship with your company. This will also ensure that the relationship between the HR and Procurement teams is consistent, as they'll be managing the same supplier. 5. Make Value Your Pursuing Goal: Selling services requires a different approach as compared to selling products. Service acquisition depends on the kind of relationship you share instead of the product quality. When discussing the strategy on the table, make value your attainable goal instead of cost-saving. Cost-saving can be an obstacle between the HR-Procurement relationship, while the value will knit the bond stronger. Final Thoughts Eventually, our primary goal is to ensure efficiency, value, and risk management. For better guidance in the operation of these, you can contact Greensboro Staffing Consultants. Greensboro aims to offer customized total workforce management solutions, delivers reliable talent acquisition solutions, and helps you gain access to qualified professionals wherever required.