How To Better Manage My Contractors

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

There is no denying that hiring contractors can be a smart move by a startup or a small business aiming to save on costs. Once you are done with the recruitment process, ensuring a fruitful working relationship is the next step of the ladder. While hiring contractors is indeed a boon for a budding business, the real challenge lies in the management of these contractors. This is because managing an independent workforce, comparatively, is quite different than managing an in-house team. Let’s discuss four ways you can manage your contractors and maintain a smooth liaison. 1. Sign A Contract: Make sure to always play by the book in matters of business. To put it precisely, there should be a legal binding that keeps the business and the contractor formally connected. The scope of work (SOW) will ensure that the project starts and moves on seamlessly. Moreover, it works as a base for a smooth working relationship since it has everything, from timeframe to terms of payment properly defined. Therefore, SOW bearing the job description should be signed beforehand to avoid any mishaps. 2. Set Project Measurements And Milestones: Defining project measurements, in addition to milestones, is an effective strategy to keep track of the project. Both of these make it easier to track the accomplishments as well as monitor the status of the project. Setting measurements ensures that the project stays within the budget, timeframe, and the original plan. All it takes is making sure that the metrics defining the measure are relevant, specific, and achievable. On the other hand, a milestone is a scheduling technique that breaks down a project into phases. Each time the contractor hits a milestone, the business owner can determine the project’s progress against the set target. You can do so using a shared calendar through tools such as Google Calendar. 3. Build An Effective Communication Channel: Make sure to discuss how you would like the communication to occur between you and the contractor before beginning the project. Are you inclined towards weekly phone calls towards or progress reports? These are the factors that need to be predefined so that both of you stand on the same ground of goals and expectations. Furthermore, if there are several departments within the business, it is essential to clarify the point of contact to avoid any confusion and, of course, delays. It is best to keep communication through online platforms that facilitate collaborations such as Slack or Trello. 4. Avoid Micro Managing: If you happen to be a business owner who likes to have to control everything, then chances are things might roughen between you and your contractor. Trust is essential to have a good working relationship. It is imperative to trust the contractors and their skill set and experience that attracted you in the first place. If you have set up a reliable communication channel, then you need not hover at all. Employees, regardless of their employment nature, like to have their freedom.

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