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Contingent Workforce: A Must Have for Businesses to Remain Competitive

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

There was a time not so long ago when the terms ‘freelancer’ and ‘contractor” indicated to some that a person could not find and keep a permanent position. Those days are gone, and now a focused and highly skilled contingent, non-traditional workforce can take your business to new levels of success. In some cases, these workers may be your only chance for survival.

As the domestic unemployment rate continues to remain low, accessing workers with critical skills is a growing challenge. IT talent gets absorbed quickly, but that sector of workers is known to be highly mobile. That is, with so many job openings it can be expected that workers will migrate to

different positions that offer better salaries, benefits, and a more desirable environment.

As an employer you have invested significant time, money, and other resources to recruit and retain your full-time workers. You understand that the many costs of turnover go way beyond job postings and adjusting insurance plans.

It’s a fact that turnover adversely impacts employee production and morale. The majority of contingent and alternative workforce talent is found within the IT and marketing sectors. Often, these individuals have impressive resumes indicating extensive professional accomplishments in the traditional corporate world. And they still may be employed in these roles, but they are seeking ‘gig” work for any number of reasons. Others rely solely on gig work to meet all of their professional and financial needs.

Whether you require transactional or long term contingent workers, you must manage them effectively. First, you need to find them and bring them onboard. They require training in corporate policies and procedures. Then their time needs to be accounted for. They must be paid and receive accurate tax documents. Their work requires evaluation to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. And you need to have the options to add or reduce this workforce at a moment’s notice.

As a tested and proven MSP, Greensboro Staffing will assume all responsibility for your contingent and alternative workforce utilizing our proprietary technology and implementing innovative solutions that are created specifically for you .

You can rely on us to find, onboard, and manage talent located domestically and worldwide. We will help you reduce costs and mitigate risks so you can focus on building your business rather than dealing with common and daily HR issues.

Whether you call them ‘contingent,’ ‘alternative,’ ‘independent,’ or ‘mobile,’ this workforce is growing rapidly. Surveys indicate that among Fortune 500 companies, almost all continue to find the many values of this employment sector are essential to their success. If you don’t take advantage of these workers, your competitors will.


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