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specialized education staffing 


From the start of the academic year through the following summer, our firm takes on the full spectrum of educational recruitment and retention to provide your district elementary, middle or secondary-level schools, Head Start centers, alternative education facilities and support complexes, colleges or universities with exceptional blind and visually impaired services, orientation and mobility services, deaf and hard-of-hearing services and other specialty offerings related to assisting students with physical and mental disabilities.

 Education roles GSC fills:

dedicated, licensed, certified, experienced and effective in and out of the classroom

Staff your elementary, secondary and college classrooms with the most qualified, devoted and successful teachers, professors and support personnel using GSC's highly responsive educational staffing strategies. Greensboro Staffing Consultants is a HUB-certified MBE with years of subject matter experience that has enabled us to meet the needs of students with disabilities.


Greensboro Staffing Consultants is accountable and transparent in recruiting and retaining top classroom talent from start to finish. We dot every 'i' and cross every 't' in our temporary employment services and management consulting strategies -- as we realize is duly needed in government staffing and contracting. 

  • Thoroughly Probe New Hires: Our recruiters ensure that our academic hires have quality professional references and resumes. They are fingerprinted, undergo background checks for child abuse and neglect, credit history, and criminal records. They are screened for tuberculosis and other medical conditions, a critical factor in the age of COVID-19. ​

  • Trusted Staffing Policy: Our company team guarantees that our staffing procedures withstand public-sector scrutiny, ensuring workplace ethics, and peak work performance year-round. We make sure our candidates represent a dedicated, multi-disciplinary force of uniquely qualified professionals ready to support our clients' educational systems.

  • Stellar, On-Call Candidates: Our candidates are licensed, certified, and experienced in the following: 

    • Crafting lesson plans and providing direct instruction for students requiring specialized education plans; 

    • Crafting and following grade and middle-school Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) and other student records and program documentation; 

    • Conducting disability and learning evaluations; 

    • Using assistive technology; 

    • Preparing, presenting, and interpreting reports and their findings; 

    • Participating in developing academic and disability programs based on research; 

    • Changing learning environments to accommodate students' disability needs, and; 

    • Training school staff and advising on matters of learning disabilities

  • Upgraded Skills & Versed In the Law: We ensure that our candidate pool maintains its instructional and programmatic skills through continuing education (CE) workshops and coursework. All of our selected employees are well-versed in and closely follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations and laws.

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