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In today's competitive business environment, lean organizations that are getting more done with less are winning. It is not uncommon for these competitive organizations to lack the in-house talent needed to achieve some of their most critical business objectives, but this is where staff augmentation helps them thrive. Staff Augmentation is an external workforce strategy that every forward-thinking business should have in its toolkit.


GSC's Staff Augmentation program helps businesses and government entities access uniquely qualified Construction, Specialized Education, Healthcare, and IT talent when and where it's needed the most.

our approach

  • Understand Goals and Objectives:  The approach we take to implementing your staff augmentation strategy is dependent solely on your business objectives. Whether you are responding to a spike in customer demand, launching a new product/service line, implementing new technology, or looking to accelerate your speed to market, Greensboro Staffing Consultants will develop a deep understanding of your mission to help you choose the augmentation model that's right for you.

  • Analyze Core Team:  Understanding the skills gaps in your in-house team is key to determining the capacity that you will need to fill.  Our SMEs work closely with your hiring/project managers to develop a complementary skills matrix (CSM) and a profile of the talent needed to augment your core team.

  • Recruit Talent: Once we have developed a profile for a uniquely qualified candidate, we then build an engaging job description and begin our search.

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